Log cabins are truly a timeless piece of outdoor furniture. Log cabins were initially built for use as a temporary shelter by pioneers, stockmen, and early settlers. Many log cabins were constructed from logs cut for the same purpose thousands of years ago. Now these wonderful cabins are available to consumers for purchase and to be enjoyed year-round. A Log cabin may be located in any size location and price range.

log cabins for sale

Cozy Cabins creates some of the world’s most iconic log cabins for sale. These beautiful log cabins for sale are delivered all across the United States from Northeastern region to the West Coast. The Mountain Home Collection offers log cabins for sale, which begin with an elegant high-end exteriors and continue on with a spacious open floor plan. The cozy log cabin is finished with custom hardwood flooring, custom shutters, and oversized shutters for privacy. This style of log home offers you plenty of room for seating, lounging, dining, or simply relaxing in your own log cabin.

Timber Frame Cabins is another company known for producing beautiful log homes. From wood harvested from sustainable forests, these Timber Frame Log Cabins for Sale are made to last a lifetime. They have many different styles and sizes to choose from. Timber Frame Log Cabins are built to withstand the elements such as snow, rain, and sun.

The last company to join the list is Brio Wood for their popular Medallion series. These amazing log cabins for sale feature some of the best construction and materials on the market today. The series features one, half, and full dovetail joints to provide a sturdy and beautiful log cabin. The half dovetail is especially constructed to ensure that the logs are set firmly in place and there is no shifting due to the expansion and contraction of the logs. The full Dovetail offers a secure fit with a floating joint allowing the logs to move easily in cross breeze winds.

The last cabin on the list for sale is known as the Medallion by Brio. This hand crafted cabin is made in five sizes from twenty-two inches all the way up to seventy-two inches in sizes. You will be able to find the perfect size and design to fit your log cabin needs.

The last two selections are two different styles of log cabins. The first one features a full two inch wide sloped roof with four inch deep panels. The second style features a lower pitched roof with four inch deep panels and two inch sloped roofs. Either one is a stunning log cabin for your home or vacation home.

The log cabin that I am most excited about is the Medicine Cabin by Steve Nisbet. This one has a very rustic look to it and is created from a mountain wood of maple, oak, and birch. The three piece design includes a bed frame, the wall panels, and a floor. It is finished with hand weathered yellow finish. It is finished with six inch wide shutters and four inch tall hinges.

When you log on to the internet you will be able to view all of the top log cabins for sale and decide which one will fit your needs and lifestyle. Do not be overwhelmed when browsing, take your time, and read all of the information provided to you. There is no need to rush when it comes to buying North Carolina homes. Take all the time that you need to locate your perfect log cabin for purchase. When you have found what you are looking for, then you can relax and enjoy the beauty of your new log cabin in North Carolina.