log cabin barrel

Log Cabin Barrel Saunas – The Best Way to Experience Nature at Its Best

If you’ve considered building a log cabin but aren’t sure about the cost and do not have the tools to complete a full-scale project, you might consider the log cabin barrel sauna. This sauna resembles a traditional wood-burning fireplace with an open roof. Some models are designed with a chimney, but many don’t. This type of log cabin sauna can be built using simple hand tools (or even a few hand tools) and is quite affordable, compared to other types of outdoor fireplaces. And, the cost is comparable to those wood burning stoves you see outside.

Log cabin barrel-style saunas are suitable for use either separately from a larger outdoor unit, such as a camping pod, or as part of a bigger outdoor sauna network. The interior components as common as: two benches, two walls, and a roof. These stoves are sometimes called “camping pods” and are popular with those wanting to enjoy their outdoor sitting in comfort away from the weather. Some units include storage space underneath, especially useful if you’re planning on using your log cabin sauna for overnight camping trips. They may also include a grill, if desired.

The two benches that make up the log cabin barrel sauna are designed for single or double occupancy. A seating area, inside the sauna, is just as you would find inside a camping pod. The benches seat comfortably around two, and sometimes three, people. They are made of hardwood, but may be stained in darker colors to protect the surface. Some styles also feature built-in benches made of thin slats of wood held in place by plastic nozzles.

The second component of the log cabin barrel sauna–the cooking system itself–comes in either a portable stove or a dedicated outdoor stove. The cook top, which rests against an outer wall, is often lined with stainless steel to keep it safe from the rain. It’s designed to hold a variety of different pots and burners. Some models may even include a small, removable “cafe” under the cooking surface to hold coffee or tea as you relax. In addition to the stove, most saunas include a built-in water filter to catch the impurities found in tap water.

Some log cabins come with a floor lantern that can be raised to provide extra light in the evenings. Others have ceiling lights installed so you can see outside during the day. And some even have televisions hooked up to a VCR or DVD to provide movie and television entertainment while you relax. With all these amenities, it’s little wonder these saunas are so popular.

Some owners choose not to use the sauna at night. This gives them the freedom to go out into the woods after dark and get some well needed exercise. Many owners find they don’t even need to use the sauna after the daytime hours, because their body temperature is so high, they just feel too warm and want to go back in. The fact is, if you give your body a chance to acclimate to the log cabin barrel’s heat, you’ll find you don’t need it much of the time.

There are many reasons to own a log cabin barrel sauna. Whether you’re looking for an alternative heating source or simply want to experience nature at its best, owning one of these luxurious saunas is a great idea. They can even be used as “clothes dryer” so you don’t have to wait until it’s morning before you can take a shower. If you need to use the saunas’ heater, many models are so small that it’s almost negligible.

When it comes to convenience, the best answer is to own more than one sauna. Even if you only have one fireplace, it can be used for both winter and summer. This way, you never have to worry about the weather being too cold or too hot to use the saunas. Log cabin owners all across the country have learned this simple fact, and now have a whole array of comfortable, quality saunas to choose from.