Insulated log houses

Insulated log houses – live and enjoy

What is the first thought in most people heads when a phrase “log cabins” pops up? Very often, the answer is “summer house” and “garden house”. Some people still don’t take log houses seriously when it comes to living in them during winter. And for a good reason. The quality of some of those timber buildings is truly not great. Holes you can easily see through, damage done by nails, low quality timber…These are just a few reasons why some people are put off to even think of a log cabin as a good solution for winter.

However, a lot of this criticism can’t easily be disproved by some good examples. We believe it is undeserved, and we want to tell you about how our insulated log houses can be an amazing option for you if you’re looking for your next house.

We use only the highest quality, Siberian timber. The very same Siberian countrie use the exact same timber to build their own houses. When done right, they don’t only stay warm inside, they also look great. We trust the experience of those who have knowledge, and we have learned a lot from the natural experts of log cabins – and using the very same materials was just a sensible thing to go. “Eurodita” log cabins are made by the experts, using the expert materials.

Secondly, you can wave goodbye to a huge bunch of nails and all the pain that comes together with trying to put them all in their places. Interlocking systems used in our insulated log houses assure that your log cabin will be ready to use in just a few days, and there will be no nail holes and rusting. You will be easily able to build it all by yourself, if you wish. And live in it for long years to come.

And lastly, it’s the price. The insulated log houses themselves are not expensive but thanks to the great insulation, maintaining them in winter months is also saving you money. It’s a great decision to live in one and if you want to make sure, look what designs and models we offer. No matter which one will catch your eye, be sure – they all have amazing quality.

Insulated log garages – if you do it, do it right

Some people oversimplify getting a garage. Yes, it is more or less a big wooden (or not) box with one hole big enough for a car to go into the box. That is as simple as that. However, there are many things to be considered when you get one of those. Do you want your car to be covered from occasional snow and rain, or do you actually want it to be fully safe and also warm and completely free from any other disadvantages cold temperature can bring, consider insulated log garages.

Insulated log garages are the top of pack, when it comes to wooden garages. The premium in the class, they are as easily constructed as it gets but with little bit of insulation it also gets many more purposes.

It is not longer a shed to store your car in. Take a bit bigger version, and with insulation provided you can easily build it into your own workshop, which can be going strong all around the year. Fix your car, pump your tyres, construct something – do pretty much any kind of job that requires space, when it is just too cold outside, and the living room is just inappropriate. These insulated log garages can give you far more space and far more creativity.

Of course, the build quality of the garages sold here is second to none. Our experts have mastered the ways how you can easily build your own garage without any special training, and the reliability will be just like it’s been constructed and designed by a professional and tailored just for you. “Eurodita” log cabins and their products can give you just an amazing quality building.

We realize that a garage is not the most crucial thing ever. So we made sure that the prices of them would be friendly for most of the people, who just want a better option for themselves. Take a look into our offers and choose your future garage. This is probably the best option there is to find.

The Renaissance of European log sheds

Human is a creature that is always willing to move forward. We see a great invention and we want to have our hands on it no matter what. We see a great new style, and we need it.

And it is great. It is a part of why we made such a progress as the human race. We always looked for new. But we reached the point where we have made such a great progress, we can easily look back and get some great options there. We have been working and moving forward so much, the fruits of technology can be reaped by handfuls. It is said that “everything old is new again”, and very often this proves to be true. European log sheds, that have been called “unpractical” and “old-styled” for decades now, are making their comeback.

What is the reason? There are numerous reasons why this is happening. Many great advantages of log cabins have been often taken for granted. The warmth of the wood makes it adjust to many many weather changes, and the pleasing look remain for decades, where as the houses made from different materials sometimes do not even last that long. The ability to withstand hurricanes is also worth noticing. Even if you live in the area, where they happen rarely, even once in a year is enough, and sometimes it is better to make a sensible investment and get good quality that will last for long. And for that investment, trust “Eurodita” log cabins.

This is what we offer with our European log sheds. They might not be a glass and steel monstrosity, but they are reliable, strong and cheap. And this is what we achieved over long years of work and research. This is the progress we’ve been aiming for, and the Renaissance of European log sheds is real. Wood is a renewable resource, and with the Nordic wood used in the construction of our wood sheds, you know you’re not only doing good for yourself but you’re also not doing much harm to the environment, thanks to the great environmental timber policies done by the Nordic countries.

You can be modern and ecological while using wooden houses. And after years of research, this might just be the apex of what can be offered. Look around and pick what suits you most.

European log house – the true style and quality

We live in a big world that is all connected and the things that seemed far away are now our to take and use. Let it be the great food of China, Italy or India or anyone else, or the great inventions of the ancient Chinese, our world sure has moved forward a lot since we decided to share what we achieved.

We take it to the expert countries to get exactly what we want. Italian pizza just tastes better than the one made in Stoke. And Chinese porcelain is just better than the one made in Belarus. So the next time you’re looking for a log cabin, pick those people who know how to create real quality. Trust this to the Europe. They can build you a great European log house. And “Eurodita” log cabins can get you the best of the best.

The Siberian timber used in these “Eurodita” log cabins houses is just the same that the locals are using for their world famous houses. Withstanding cold, heat, rain, and an occasional herd of moose, the Siberian countriesure know how to prepare their timber to create real quality. There are no low quality materials used anywhere near any of European log house you can find here. This is what makes these log cabins exceptional. High quality materials and high level experts work to create the best in their own class.

The systems used to get our “Eurodita” log cabins together are the fruit of the long years in work to create something exceptional. And houses you get are highly reminding the ones that were, are, and will still be standing in Europe countries. We trust the experts, and so should you. Log cabins have been used for many purposes, and a well made one can serve not only as a simple shed. It is easy to fall in love with this European log house so much, you would even consider living in it.

Look around at the list we offer and pick the log cabin you love the most. European log houses can be amazing, when taken directly from those who know, how to build them. It sure feels good to take only the best this world can offer.