chloe log cabin

Cottage Style Log Cabins

One of the newest products on the market is the Chloe Log home. They are environmentally friendly, durable and affordable. They have become a very popular choice because they are built with a U-shaped design. This keeps the heat inside during the winter and out during the summer. Here is what you should know about this type of log cabin.

The construction of the Chloe Log cabin has some features that set it apart from other log cabins on the market. The main cabin panel consists of two long walls and one short wall. The transverse apex design allows for the long and short walls to connect with each other. The design also allows for the ceiling to extend outward which adds more space to the interior. All the wood used for the construction is specifically selected for strength and should conform to high Dutch standards.

The cabin consists of two single door rooms with integrated overhead windows. The windows are made from double transverse Apex Framed with custom tinted acrylic lenses in white frost. The accent walls are constructed of five-paned storm shutters and are laminated with industrial aluminum foil. The interior consists of custom wallpapers and premium leather upholstery.

The exterior finish is designed to withstand wear and tear. All exterior trim is done with premium vinyl and all hardware is brass finished to create a rustic, country feel. The front of the cabin is finished with three paned glass skylights, which open onto the porch. The interior doors include wooden flooring finished in cherry stain and the windows include faux wood casement options. All the flooring is engineered for strength, moisture resistance, and noise reduction, along with superior UV stabilization for optimum decorative appeal.

The interior of the cabin includes a large walk-in closet complete with metal cabinets. There is also a large wet bar with three stools for use as a breakfast bar. The wet bar can also be used as a guest bath where one can bathe while appreciating the beautiful, roomy interior of the cottage. Further seating can be achieved with wooden floor panels that are attached to the wall logs using traditional nails or screws.

The cabin includes a large loft area for storing items when the home is not in use. There is a loft with wooden floor and ceiling. This area is accessible from the main floor through a double door sliding door. Further storage can be achieved using four-poster bed, benches and coffee tables created from local, sustainable building materials.

Further upgrades can include adding a goose neck chair, a sun shade, and light fixtures for the walls and ceilings. These upgrades would make the cottage a true work of art. Achieving all of these upgrades would require some knowledge of home improvement. However, if the buyer possesses these skills, the cottage could be completely transformed into a modern log cabin by opting for these additional upgrades.

For those who have chosen to purchase a pre-built structure, they can make the choice to add some finishing touches. The choices include choosing natural finishes such as hardwoods. For the walls, a two paneled wall with local, sustainable building materials is an ideal option. The exterior doors can also be replaced with double glazed log cabins with custom doors. Finishing touches such as hand painted doors and a new paint job for the trim can provide a true showpiece for the house.

Other than adding finishing touches, one can change the style of the cabin altogether by adding up a new floor plan and redecorating the property. For example, a cottage that is rectangular in shape can be changed to a round or quadrangular shape. This makes it more appealing to buyers. On the other hand, buyers who have chosen to construct a log cabin themselves can add additional features such as a gable roof and extra rooms such as a loft. The options are endless for those who want more space or a certain kind of appeal.

The type of house that a buyer chooses will depend on his or her style. If he or she wants to add a modern look to their home, a contemporary house may be the right choice. Updating the style of the home allows it to fit in with the latest trends. In addition, this can give the home more value should it ever be put on the market.

When the time comes to sell the house, the buyer has more flexibility. Most sellers are looking to get a quick sale and will likely not agree to a home that doesn’t meet their standards. This also means that they can add elements that will make it more appealing to potential buyers. The addition of a cottage style log home gives a potential buyer an idea of what is possible for his or her budget. This also provides the opportunity for a person to add touches that are personally important to them. When these touches make the house more like their own, it increases its desirability.