A Guide to Painted Log Cabin Decor

YES! You can even paint the outside of your painted log cabin, though to reduce unpleasant odors it’s best to apply a water-based paint. If you decide to paint the outside, make sure to only use a coat or two lighter than the inside color to prevent fading. It’s hard to estimate how long this odor will remain, as you do not want to place the exterior interior of your cabin into disrepair before that odor has dissipated. Wait for spring and mild weather, and then lightly sand the area, being careful to only remove the protective layer of the siding. If you do not do this, eventually the siding will begin to wear down and flap, allowing the odor to permeate the home and eventually find its way inside.

painted log cabin

Painting your log cabin exterior also allows you more options when choosing paint colours. Natural wood grain colours can make your house look quite modern but also give a welcoming feeling to your outdoor living space. Alternatively, if you are decorating with a rustic motif, earthy tones such as brown, taupe and yellow would be more appropriate. If your project is more of an investment piece, then warm earthy tones would be a good choice to tone down the outdoor feel.

For those who are keen on keeping their log cabin looking natural wood, it’s worth considering using natural wood block colours. By combining warm tones with darker and contrasting colours, you can bring a realistic essence to your design. These block shades also create a more organic feel to your garden buildings. However, darker colours will contrast too much with your outdoor furnishings, making it difficult to maintain the illusion of wood. In this case, it’s best to go with one of the many faux wood grain colours.

Another way to avoid a clash between your painted log cabin and the outside world is to use varying intensity of paint colours. If you have light coloured furniture pieces, you may want to keep the lighter shade of paint in the interior, and bring in the darker shades for the exteriors. Similarly, you could alternate different shades of white paint in the interior and in the exteriors to create the impression of an aged appearance. If you need additional help in understanding how to balance your painted log cabin’s exterior with its interior, take some time to browse online for some inspiration. There are numerous ideas that will show you how to achieve a beautiful interior design effect while keeping the look of natural wood. For example, you can create a wooden barn, or even a fashionable bench made out of cedar wood.

Before you start painting, do ensure that all surface treatments have been completed. This includes any waxing or varnishing to seal the wood and to protect it from weather damage. You should also consider repainting in areas where you plan to treat the wood, such as areas around doors and windows. This will ensure that the colour doesn’t bleed into other parts of the room. Finally, sand any wood furniture down to bare wood before you start painting.

One aspect of painted log cabin decorating, that many people overlook is the paint itself. Painted wood surfaces should be highly polished to give a gleaming and mirror like finish. If possible, choose a high quality varnish to ensure longevity. If you don’t have the time to maintain high quality paint, at least do a good job of painting the bare wood.

Once you’ve painted the bare wood, the next step is to seal it. The best way to go about this is to purchase a sealer specifically designed for the outdoors. These will not only provide protection from water damage, but will also help prolong the life of the paint. Once you’ve sealed the cabin, it’s time to apply your accents and lighting fixtures. You can choose to keep the rest of the elements the same as you painted the cabin or change them to better compliment your painted log cabin decor.

Painting a painted log cabin adds a lot of character to your home. You can truly create the look and feel of the old west or country cabin in your own backyard. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, be sure to treat it with care so it can stay beautiful for years to come. The finished product is a truly beautiful addition to your property.